Janet Jackson Tour 2019 – 2020

The fans have been thirsting for one of the top pop acts on earth to come back from a long break and start playing concerts again. Their prayers have been answered in the all new Janet Jackson tour 2019 and 2016 has shows that are going to be played soon. There may even be a date in your city! She is calling her tour “unbreakable”, and if you want to attend the show you can see all the dates that she has scheduled so far a little bit below what you’re reading. Check out which tickets are still available for purchase and see the show yourself.

She’s Back!

The world has been waiting a long four years for Jackson to return to the big stage and sing her heart out again. Luckily for all of us, all throughout the rest of 2019 and a good chunk of 2016 there will be tons of chances to see her concerts. Even though she hasn’t actually played any shows yet, the demand for her concerts is so high that she has already had to extend her tour and add more dates. If you were sad to see that there hadn’t been any shows announced for your area in the originally scheduled set of dates, make sure to check back and see if any of the new shows are planned for your neck of the woods.

She has just about 40 shows planned for North America. With stops in places like Baltimore, Washington DC, Atlanta Georgia, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Portland, and several other cities. She’s going to be hitting both coasts as well as plenty of dates in the middle of America, so there’s really no excuse for not making the trek to one of her concerts. The first leg is going to finish up in mid-November, with the beginning of the second leg taking place in the middle of January.

The Janet Jackson tour 2016 will also be offering fans special discounts and VIP access if you preorder her brand-new album. You’ll also have the opportunity to get special discounts that are available anywhere else if you purchase her album before it’s officially available on the store shelves. That means if she announces more dates, you’ll have preferential treatment and access to cheaper tickets! The first wave of special tickets is already gone, but you can still pick up her album and keep your fingers crossed for more dates to be scheduled.

Get The VIP Treatment!

Lower prices are not the only reason that you should pick up a copy of her new album though. She’s released a all new single that only fans who are dedicated enough to preorder get access to. Think about how cool you will look to your friends if you’re the only one who has access to the brand-new Janet Jackson single! You’ll definitely be the talk of the town, and the bigwig around the office water cooler! There’s also opportunities to be treated like a VIP when you show up at her concert by getting her new CD. You might even when the chance to send a direct message straight to the star right before she takes the stage!

With the usual long breaks that she takes in between her world tours you can never be quite sure when you’ll have the chance to see one of her shows. Don’t take this chance for granted and make sure that you pick up tickets soon if there’s a show nearby your city.