Bostitch CAP2060P 10.5 Amp, 2 horsepower 6 Gallon Oil-Free Pancake Compressor

If you need a super efficient, high output, oil free Best Air Compressor for Home Garage, The Bostitch CAP2060P 10.5 Amp, 2 horsepower 6 Gallon Oil-Free Pancake Compressor is the product for you. It’s light enough to take just about anywhere, features either 3.4cfm at forty psi, or 2.7cfm at ninety psi to be able to handle a variety of tasks, as well as a large 6 gallon air tank, for continuous use. It has an induction motor, which is more efficient, very powerful and only draws ten amps. This means that start up is quick and easy, and it has a long life span. Weighing in at just 52 pounds, it can be taking anywhere you need a powerful, yet compact air compressor. It also includes a quick coupler, so you can change tools quickly and easily

The Bostitch CAP2060P 10.5 Amp, 2 horsepower 6 Gallon Oil-Free Pancake Compressor is able to power pneumatic nail guns, ratchets and impact wrenches. With it’s built in high flow regulator, you can power three finish nail guns at one time, or for smoother performance, just one tool. These is a great tools for powering paint sprayers, air brushes, sand blasters and so much more. It features a maintenance free, oil less pump, as well as a manually resetting overload protection. It also includes a roll cage for extra protection. Heavy rubber pads on the bottom prevent vibration and product movement, even on smooth surfaces.

The Bostitch CAP2060P 10.5 Amp, 2 horsepower 6 Gallon Oil-Free Pancake Compressor also has a manufacturer’s one year warranty. This is one small, compact, and yet extremely versatile unit, and will do just about any task you lay in front of it. Because it only draws ten amps, you will save on electricity, have an extended overall lifespan for the product, and take it anywhere, unlike models that draw 12 or more amps and need special plugs and circuit breakers. Best of all is the price. While this product retails for $310.44, which in itself is a good deal, you can buy it from Amazon for just $172.29, a savings of 45%. You can even get it for just $159, or refurbished for $109.99. Check out the best offer here.

Bostitch CAP2060P Air Compressor Features And Specifications

  • Weight: 62.9 Pounds
  • High efficiency 1.6-to-2-horsepower induction motor provides long life
  • The High output, no-maintenance oil-free pump delivers 3.4CFM @40psi and 2.7cfm @ 90psi–the large 6-gallon tank reduces run time
  • Lightweight compact pancake design for easy portability
  • Includes quick coupler
  • Weighs 52-pounds and includes a 1-year warranty

Bostitch CAP2060P Air Compressor Reviews

The Bostitch CAP2060P 10.5 Amp, 2 horsepower 6 Gallon Oil-Free Best Airbrush Compressor has had some mixed reviews. Out of the 23 different reviews offer on Amazon, only 9 give four or more stars. These people have written that the product has worked great for them, it is inexpensive, powerful and effective.

The reviews on this air compressor are very mixed and varied from “Very loud, I would not recommend this unit. to anybody  !! to “ What a great little compressor,  It’s quiet compact and reliable “.

Some buyers of this product were disappointed when it arrived either damaged of broken, however, the after sales staff are good and helpful, in almost every case they have replaced the damaged unit, repaired it or have the customer get it repaired at the companies expense. If only they took more care when shipping then a lot of these negative reviews would not be up here.


The Bostitch CAP2060P 10.5 Amp 2-Horsepower 6 Gallon Oil-Free Pancake Compressor is very good on your power supply too, it doesn’t pull very many amps so it can be used on a low amp breaker and a long extension. It is also oil free so there’s no danger of spilled oil.

This is a very light, compact and easy to transport piece of equipment having a total shipping weight of only 57.2 lb.It is said to be more of a finishing tool than a heavy duty, hard working air compressor.loving the smaller duty jobs like trimming, architraves, blowing tyres up on your bike or car etc.

As far as the noise goes, All compressors that put out any volume of air will make noise and each compressor has their own tone of noise. I can not  that this compressor is any louder or quieter than others. It just has its own tone. You can not go wrong with this compressor for medium use

Ten give it a one star rating. Some say that the product is just too noisy, and doesn’t perform to standard expectations. Others state that poor customer service for the product, as well as having to wait for parts and repair, even when the warranty is involved is enough to prevent them from buying this product again. Another big complaint that is that it is damaged upon delivery, the carry handle is broken, or the whole top is damaged. While these people do like Bostitch tools in general, they just don’t like this product, which is disappointing to them.

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